• A Sask Green government would expand Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation to include livestock, all specialty crops, farm machinery and all other forms of insurance required for farming.
  • Crop Insurance's expanded mandate could include providing insurance to grain and oilseed producers for losses due to cross-contamination from genetically modified crops.
  • Another new area under Crop Insurance's mandate would be tornado insurance for all property damage on a farm.
  • A Saskatchewan Green Party government would also launch a provincial agricultural transportation strategy with input from all farm stakeholders including farmers.
  • STC's range of service would be expanded to provide commuter service to bedroom communities of the major cities, including Lumsden, Emerald Park, White City, Pilot Butte, Balgonie, Martensville, Warman, Osler, Hague, Langham and Meath Park.

Crown Co-operatives

Replace crown corporations with crown co-operatives.  Amend the Crown Corporations Act to allow for crown co-operatives.

  • The crown co-ops would be owned by the province but directed by the new co-op membership
  • The crown co-op boards would no longer be appointed, but instead elected by the co-op membership
  • Any profits left over from the crown co-ops would flow to the co-op membership in the form of a yearly dividend
  • Accountability for the crown co-ops would come from quarterly reports and open annual general meetings, where the board is elected/questioned by the co-op membership

Democratic Reforms

A Green Party government believes in Democracy and ensuring that the electoral system works to the benefit of our citizens. Our government would:

  • Implement proportional representation in time for the next provincial election
  • Ban all corporate and union donations
  • Review the current system of political donations from individual citizens and consider going to only public funding for all parties

Guaranteed Income Supplement

  • The program would be called the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Everyone (SAIE)
  • Those Saskatchewan citizens whose annual income is below the poverty line would receive a top-up amount to bring them up to the poverty line
  • If the amount of the top-up is less than $2000, the subsidy would be paid as a lump sum – otherwise in monthly instalments
  • This program would be run through the provincial income tax system
  • The cost of the program would be $679 million per year
  • Since other assistance programs would be moved into SAIE, the cost savings of SAIE would be about $330 million each year


A Green Party government would:

  • Put doctors on salary, ending the 'fee for service' model
  • Eliminate ambulance fees by putting them back under Medicare
  • Expand the provincial drug plan to:
    • Cover the entire drug formulary
    • Cover all citizens regardless of income
    • Lower the patient user cost to $15/prescription
  • Expand Medicare to cover optical, dental and other non-insured health services including alternative therapies
  • Define 'timely access' to needed health services

Seniors Issues

Our Saskatchewan Green Party government would:

  • Establish a dedicated emergency phone number, similar to 9-1-1, for senior citizens
  • Create an Adult Protection Act, to protect seniors from being abused in their own homes and living spaces
  • Set up a Seniors' Advocate, at arms-length from the provincial government
  • Prepare a provincial seniors strategy to coordinate these plans and put them into action
  • Add a Minister of Seniors' Issues to oversee the provincial seniors strategy

Midwifery Reforms

Our Saskatchewan Green Party government would:

  • Ensure all women have adequate access to midwifery services across our province
  • Create a separate midwifery review board so midwives can be licensed, regulated and reviewed by their peers
  • Ensure local training for midwives can be accessed affordably and locally in Saskatchewan colleges and universities
  • Ensure midwifery services are covered under Medicare

Northern Saskatchewan

Our Saskatchewan Green Party government believes in fostering good will, and building strong and resilient local communities.  We feel that northern Saskatchewan needs more than just intense resource extraction.

Our government would:

  • Draw up an overview of what is happening currently in northern Saskatchewan (revenue/expenditures)
  • Sit down with communities and people up north to review this overview
  • Discuss what is good and what is bad in this overview
  • Then, working together with the people directly affected, make the necessary changes to bring sustainability, survival and Real Change to northern Saskatchewan

Participatory Democracy

The Saskatchewan Green Party believes that the best solutions come from the citizens themselves.  We want to work collaboratively with our citizens to design the best government programming possible.

Our Green Party government would:

  • Enact legislation to ensure maximum citizen participation via various means such as social media, polling, online surveys, community forums, etc. to ensure citizens are informed and able to affect any laws before they are passed.
  • A major area of citizen input we would enact would be participatory budgets – Saskatchewan citizens would be asked how they want to be taxed and how that revenue should be spent.  This would be a first in North America!
  • By legislating ways for citizens to have direct input into the laws that govern them, our Green Party hopes to instill a sense of pride in and ownership of the direction our province will go in the future.
  • By directly empowering citizens in this way, the Green Party hopes to create a vision of self-governance that can be a model for other jurisdictions around the world.

Rural Revitalization and Surface Rights

A Green Party government would take a special interest in rural Saskatchewan.  We would:

Rural Revitalization

  • Increase and expand the ability for communities and businesses to thrive in rural Saskatchewan
  • Ensure much needed government services are easily accessible in rural Saskatchewan
  • Ensure high speed access to the Internet is made available immediately
  • Create a Ministry of Rural Revitalization to oversee these projects

Surface Rights

  • Replace the arbitration board with a fair compensation board
  • Ensure landowners and tenants have a major say in where and when oil and gas companies can drill
  • Set up an advocacy office for landowners to help deal with any potential problems that may arise
  • Ensure all drilling equipment is sterilized before use on farm property (with the cost paid by the company)

Sustainability and Jobs

By promoting sustainability, we also produce many good jobs along the way.  Our Saskatchewan Green Party government would:

  • Green the Grid – We will add lots of additional renewable energy to our power system by enabling local citizens and businesses to sell surplus power they produce to SaskPower.
  • Renewable Technology – Our government will position Saskatchewan to take full advantage of the world's desire for green energy by fostering local industries in conservation and in solar, wind, geothermal energy.
  • Hemp Industry – Hemp is another very viable area of job creation for Saskatchewan, where it could be grown and processed for restoration projects.
  • Our government believes in creating jobs that do good in our world – By funding asbestos removal, site remediation, home repairs, provincial parks and pasture lands protection, we will ensure prosperity and well-being for generations to come.
  • Film Tax Credit – Our government will restore the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit which was abolished by the current government.  Restoring this tax credit will allow for hundreds of film-related jobs to be created in our province.

Universal Tuition

A Saskatchewan Green Party government would help hard-working students to access post-secondary education by:

  • Immediately reinstating the original Graduate Retention Program, increasing the refundable tax portion and lowering the waiting period to four years
  • Ordering the Ministry of Higher Education to begin creating and implementing a plan to phase out all tuition costs across all higher learning institutions in Saskatchewan