Greening Saskatchewan

SGP 2018 Year in Review



Once again, we are nearing the end of another year.  In 2018 our party ran candidates in Melfort, Kindersley, Swift Current, and Regina North East by-elections.  In the last one we were able to mount an actual campaign including signs, a billboard, and distributed close to 6,000 leaflets.  We learned from this experience which will help us plan for the October 26, 2020 provincial election.

  • Our leader Shawn Setyo and our new Deputy Leader Richard Jack have issued several releases on a wide variety of topics.
  • The Saskatchewan Green Party participated in Pride Parades in Regina and Saskatoon

On every issue, there is a need for a Green perspective to be brought into the discussion.

The Saskatchewan Green Party offers true green solutions for the next generations. The future is now if we are going to create a sustainable province for future generations.

As a true grass roots party, we could not have gotten where we are without your past support and we thank you for all your help. We must never stop this work. Even in the non-election years we are always working and it is essential that we have all the tools required to continue with this work. Unfortunately, one of our biggest challenges is financial resources.

Within the next two years many of our activities will include helping federal candidates in next year’s election followed by our own in 2020.

If you would like to make your last 2018 donation before year end remember we do issue tax receipts. Monthly donations make it easier for the party to budget. We do appreciate one-time donations and even if you are a regular monthly donor you can still make extra donations at any time.

We want to take this time to wish you and your family the best that the holiday season has to offer. We hope that 2019 will be an amazing year for all. We thank you for your generous donations of time and money in 2018 and look forward to working hard for you in the months and years ahead.


Shawn Setyo
Party Leader


Just Transitions: Building Saskatchewan’s Next Economy


We in the Saskatchewan Green Party congratulate the organizers of, and participants in, “Just Transitions: Building Saskatchewan’s Next Economy,” a very well-attended conference of environmental and Indigenous rights activists held in Regina October 27-28.

The conference explored many topics centered around what we in Saskatchewan have learned: that the longer we wait to transition to a carbon – neutral, sustainable energy economy, the greater the cost will be. And the longer planners wait to prioritize both fairness for threatened workers and their communities, and wait to engage with indigenous peoples’ traditional relationship to Earth, the greater the cost will be to all.

Decarbonize, decolonize, democratize were catchwords heard throughout the conference.

There was a lot of sobering science presented at the Just Transitions conference. It was all connected to time and rates of change. As to the dangers, of course, melting glaciers and raging fires, which can’t be ignored, tell us the same story as ever-rising insurance rates and the first calls for help from potential climate refugees. Here in Saskatchewan, we are sensitive to water becoming more scarce, more precious. Our highly-prized potash industry is also our most highly water-dependent one. Tree sample research shows us long periods of drought in the past which could return with increased temperatures. Climate instability like rapid wet season / dry season variation can raise havoc with agriculture. Avoidance of economic disruption amounts to doing everything we can to limit world temperature increase to levels agreed on in the Paris agreement.

Meeting our climate commitments is disregarded by actual government policy. Saskatchewan policies are unsustainable. The strategies of its Prairie Resilience policy, over the long term, incur costs that dwarf any currently proposed taxing plan into insignificance.

Merely glancing over to B.C., where carbon taxes and strong environmental regulations and commitments are in force, shows us these measures are far from economy wreckers.

By spending billions on pipelines and “carbon capture and storage” technology, we delay the inevitable transition to a robust, ‘fossil free”, equitably shared economy, and — given a little luck — to a more fulfilling human relationship with our Earth. The Saskatchewan Green Party will do its part to emphasize the advantages to every Saskatchewan resident of speeding up the Just Transition.

Richard Jack
Deputy Leader

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