Saskatchewan Green Party Leadership Race Opens

December 8, 2019


REGINA – It’s now official, the Saskatchewan Green Party is accepting applications from those wishing to seek the party’s leadership. A deadline of January 28, 2020 has been affixed to the process but those who submit successful applications can begin campaigning immediately.

“The Green Party has unprecedented momentum nationwide and we are looking for that person who can lead us into the provincial Legislature” says Interim Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Richard Jack.

The Greens are looking for candidates who exemplify the Green Party values of Sustainability, Social Justice, Respect for Diversity, Ecological Wisdom, Non-violence, and Participatory Democracy to step up and lead the party.

“We had some candidates that did very well in the recent federal election, but we welcome anybody who wants to bring their energy and ideas to Saskatchewan’s fastest growing political movement,” says Jack.

The Saskatchewan Green Party Leadership Special General Meeting will be held on February 29, 2020. People will have until February 15, 2020 to take out new memberships or to renew current memberships to vote for their preferred choice on the ballot. The event will be held at Westminster United Church in Regina which is by the Cathedral on 13th Avenue.

Those interested in pursuing the leadership of the Saskatchewan Green Party should contact Richard Jack, interim leader: or via the phone at: 306-551-459.

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