Your 2020 SGP Candidates

Constituency Candidate Email
Arm River Tiffany Giesbrecht  
Athabasca Leroy Laliberte  
Batoche Hamish Graham  
Biggar-Sask Valley Darcy Robilliard  
Cannington Jaina Forrest  
Canora-Pelly Breton Gattinger  
Carrot River Valley Liam Becker  
Cumberland Aaron Oochoo  
Cut Knife-Turtleford Patrick McNally  
Cypress Hills Dianna Holigroski  
Estevan Scott Meyers  
Humboldt-Watrous Jim Ternier  
Indian Head-Milestone Billy Patterson  
Kelvington-Wadena Melissa Fletcher  
Kindersley Evangeline Godron
Last Mountain-Touchwood Justin Stranack  
Lloydminster Audra Kish
Lumsden-Morse Isaiah Hunter  
Martensville-Warman Melvin Pylypchuk  
Meadow Lake Carol Vandale
Melfort Matthew Diakuw  
Melville-Saltcoats Jack Powless  
Moose Jaw North North Hunter
Moose Jaw Wakamow Abby Firlotte  
Moosomin Marjorie Graham  
Prince Albert Carlton Shirley Davis  
Prince Albert Northcote Sarah Kraynick sarah.kraynick.greenparty@
Regina Coronation Park Irene Browatzke  
Regina Douglas Park Victor Lau 
Regina Elphinstone-Centre Naomi Hunter
Regina Gardiner Park Helmi Scott Uguh  
Regina Lakeview Michael Wright
Regina Northeast Anthony Majore  
Regina Pasqua Heather Lau 
Regina Rochdale Sarah Risk
Regina Rosemont James Park
Regina University Tanner Wallace
Regina Walsh Acres    
Regina Wascana Plains Sonja Doyle  
Rosetown-Elrose Justina Robinson  
Rosthern-Shellbrook Larry Neufeld
Saskatchewan Rivers Marcia Neault  
Saskatoon Centre Raven Reid
Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood Gillian Walker  
Saskatoon Eastview Jan Norris  
Saskatoon Fairview Tobi-Dawne Smith  
Saskatoon Meewasin Jacklin Andrews  
Saskatoon Northwest Maria Krznar  
Saskatoon Nutana Albert Chubak  
Saskatoon Riversdale Delanie Passer
Saskatoon Silverspring-Sutherland Jaime Fairley
Saskatoon Southeast Cheryl Mazil  
Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota Lydia Martens  
Saskatoon University Erickka Patmore  
Saskatoon Westview Glenn Wright
Saskatoon Willowgrove David Greenfield  
Swift Current George Watson  
The Battlefords Joey Reynolds
Weyburn-Big Muddy Shane Caellaigh  
Wood River Kimberly Soo Goodtrack  
Yorkton Judy Mergel

Naomi Hunter Candidate for Regina-Elphinstone Centre

Naomi Hunter was born in Turtleford, Saskatchewan and grew up in the north. She still runs the family Haskap farm with her father near Birch Hills. Naomi is a leader who understands the strong ties that most Saskatchewan people have to their rural roots, even when they live in the city.

During the rest of the year, she nurtures her other careers as small business owner, seniors fitness class instructor, community organizer and politician. All of this experience has produced one of Saskatchewan’s most well-rounded, and hardest working advocates.

Naomi understands the needs of farmers, small businesses and the communities they support. They are the engine of our province’s  economy.

Our families and our natural resources are our future. Naomi fights for both, across generations, up and down the province. Naomi was raised for quite some time by her Godparents on Onion Lake Reserve. There, and through stories from her Grandfather, she connected with Indigenous peoples, places and issues – learning our foundation and becoming a life-long ally. When the Oka crisis broke in 1990, she became an activist.

Naomi supported herself, living independently while finishing high school at E. D. Feehan, in Saskatoon. She later found herself camped at City Hall with other anti-war activists.

Community involvement and improvement is central to Naomi’s life, and always has been. She is also a skilled artisan having supported herself fresh out of University; owning/operating custom-made jewellery shops. She also frequently sold jewelry at various local markets, fairs and festivals through the years.

Naomi traverses the province with ease, finding friends and supporters in every corner. She is one of the best politicians we have in Saskatchewan. Her experience is not academic, it’s lived, and with zeal!

A self-described workaholic, her “extra” time centres around helping people and environmental causes. Nothing is more important than family though, and she will drop it all if neccessary to meet an urgent family need. Naomi brings that strong caring instinct to the position of Saskatchewan Green Party Leader.

Naomi raised two wonderful children, North and Isaiah (both of whom are now grown, and also running for the Greens this fall). She has volunteered extensively throughout the province and survived prairie winters as a modern pioneer in eco-living at Craik. There is no challenge she hasn’t successfully tackled, including restaurateur-gallery owner near Christopher Lake and truck stop manager in Davidson.

In fact, she thrives in adversity – a trait needed now more than ever. Her energy and persistence is legendary. Regardless of what needs doing, Naomi rolls up her sleeves, ties back her hair and sets to it with a smile. She is smart, confident and articulate, moving with grace between press scrum, boardroom, and boreal forest.

A life-long advocate for community, the environment, peace and social justice – Naomi knows the issues, and comes out on the right side of them every single time.

Naomi founded the “I Will Help Regina” Facebook group welcoming refugees to Saskatchewan. She feels that if people are greeted with gifts and help, we can work to foster mutual understandings and break down barriers. Naomi is also working with local mutual aid organizations to provide fresh grown produce from one of the many community garden plots in her care.

She is approachable and responsive, even on the farm. Reach out today. She would love to hear from you. Naomi personally answers her own messages, emails and phone calls and looks forward to representing her constituents and The Green Party of Saskatchewan in our Provincial Legislature.

The challenges ahead are huge, potentially catastrophic, but as Mr. Fred Rogers famously advised, “Whenever there’s a catastrophe, always look for the helpers.”

James Park Candidate for Regina-Rosemont

I’m a single dad to an amazing 16-year-old daughter, and I’ve lived in Regina for nearly twenty years.

I was born in Dryden, in Northwestern Ontario. I lived in Thunder Bay for a few years where I attended Confederation College and received a diploma in Travel and Tourism Administration. After graduation in 2000, I moved to Moose Jaw to work at the newly reopened Tunnels of Moose Jaw.

I moved to Regina in 2001 and spent a large part of my time here at first as a stay at home dad. More recently, I drove a school bus from 2010 – 2017 for the public school board and left that to pursue a degree in English from the University of Regina.

Since 2015, I’ve volunteered with Regina Little Theatre, and Regina Summer Stage working as an actor, director, and stage manager.

Abby Firlotte Candidate for Moose Jaw-Wakamow

My name is Abby-Leigh Firlotte. I thank the Saskatchewan Green Party for nominating me as an MLA candidate for Moose Jaw – Wakamow. I am proud to be born and raised here in Moose Jaw and to have attended King George elementary and Vanier Collegiate high school. While at Vanier, I was devoted to choir and chamber choir and also spent 300 hours of volunteer service at Chez Nous retirement home. I have studied a year of psychology and sociology at the University of Regina. Now I serve as a Health Care Aide, with a passion to make a difference.

Along with many in my generation, such as my fellow candidate North Marie Hunter in Moose Jaw North, I promote our need to mitigate the effects of inevitable climate change. From a very young age, I followed the Green Party closely, realizing how my values of caring for nature and social responsibility matched theirs. I will be campaigning for our common passions, including all-gender equality, women’s rights, sustainability, and a genuine living wage. And as for my home town, I will work for Moose Jaw to be a cleaner, safer community that is inviting to all.

Carol Vandale, (BTh MCEd) Candidate for Meadow Lake

Carol was born and raised in Saskatchewan of a settler family. She has 3 children who are members of Mistawasis First Nation. After working in the animal & biological science field and then in Catholic youth ministry for several years she decided to further her education and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (cum laude) from St. Paul’s University, Ottawa in 1991.

She co-founded an Aboriginal counseling agency in Saskatoon called Ki-Kisteymitinan Counselling Services for 6 years. After this, she obtained a Master’s in Continuing Education from the University of Saskatchewan in 2005. Her thesis, Building Skills, Building Homes: A Community Education Project in Alternative Lifestyles through Straw Bale Construction is a narrative inquiry based on a six-month work experience project in alternative building designs with Aboriginal women called the Building Skills, Building Homes Project (HRSDC 2003).

She was also a research assistant for the Thought for Food Essential Skills Research Group (2004-05) a national inquiry into the new Essential Skills federal program. In 2005, she accepted the Executive Director position with the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc., where she worked from 2005 – 2013.

Currently, Carol is the owner of DayStar Consulting providing administrative, bookkeeping, grant writing, and project coordination services to several non-profit organizations including the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Society, Haskap Canada Association, Federation of Saskatchewan Indigenous Nations, Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Saskatchewan and the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples, Inc.

“I am a settler ally, living off-grid and I support the rights and freedoms of Mother Earth and all peoples to be Indigenous.”

Jan Norris Candidate for Saskatoon-Eastview

Jan Norris is an artist, art teacher, mother, homemaker and long-time peace and environmental crusader, beginning when she was 16 years of age combating pollution in Hamilton Ontario. In the 1980s she was part of Citizens for a Safe Environment, which succeeded in shutting down the toxic old Commissioners Street garbage incinerator in Toronto, where she was living at the time. A few years later she moved to Saskatoon with her partner, Ken Sailor, and their two sons, where she quickly became and remained active in the community.

The core values of the Green movement drew her in immediately, especially its principles of Ecology, Equality and Non-Violence. Founding meetings of the provincial party, then called the New Green Alliance, were held in her living room, and she has run as a candidate in two provincial elections and the most recent federal election.

As a volunteer with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Jan helped initiate Hike, Bike and Bus Week, served on the Board, and was active on the climate file, attending the provincial government’s stakeholder meetings on climate and as a representative at the Climate Action Network national strategy meetings. She also served on the national Board of Directors of the Sierra Club of Canada, where she was inspired by Elizabeth May.

These days Jan is most concerned about our government’s plan to spend billions of dollars building a four-lane highway through one of the last sizeable chunks of native prairie left in Saskatchewan. It’s called the North East Swale and a number of plants and animals threatened with extinction depend on it remaining intact. The Saskatoon Freeway is a 20th century idea that doesn’t address 21st century problems, and in fact will make them worse.

Jan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Trent University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan. She has taught art to children and teens for many years, as well as starting a drop-in art program at the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry, allied to the Presbyterian Church of Canada. She loves to paint but to promote her work not so much – nevertheless she has had several shows in Saskatoon.

She is a member of the Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon where she has served on the Board and various committees. A daily meditator for 40 years, she hosts the !0th Street Zendo, a meditation group that meets every week in her converted garage, and is a founding member of the Saskatoon Community of Mindful Living.

Victor Lau Candidate for Regina-Douglas Park

Victor Lau is a small business owner and works a second job. Together he and his spouse Heather have three kids and three dogs.

Victor is also a 31-year Trade Unionist and Shop Steward with UFCW local 1400.
He has a certificate in Indian Health Studies and a Social Science Degree from the University of Regina.

Victor helped register the Saskatchewan Green Party in 1999 and is currently the Deputy Leader. Victor was a federal organizer for the Green Party of Canada in 2004 and 2008 and helped get their first full slate of 308 candidates.

Jacklin Andrews Candidate for Saskatoon-Meewasin

Jacklin Andrews comes to candidacy with a long and fruitful career in medical social work, mental health services administration, teaching and counselling. He is remembered in Manitoba as the executive  director of one of the first health centres in Canada, the Leaf Rapids Health and Social Development Centre, which he pioneered in 1974.

 The first of Andrews’ several degrees was in political science, because politics was never just background noise. He was inspired by the likes of Douglas, Diefenbaker and Pearson to connect with politics and government as noble public service. After first joining in political work with Red Tories such as Joe Clark, he entered government service in Saskatchewan during the Blakeney years, based in La Ronge as Assistant Director of Health Services for the North, developing participatory healthcare. Hopeful about the possibilities of a John Turner government, Andrews joined the federal Liberals and has stuck with them, supporting their attempt to balance economy and environment. He assisted one of their candidates in the 2019 election. From the 2000’s on, as he has pursued his public service career.

He has dialogued with Greens and others on the intersection of environment and health and he was drawn to the Saskatchewan Greens on those concerns. As MLA for Saskatoon Meewasin, he would put his constituents first. He is eager to represent their views and needs in the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Jacklin is a father and grandfather and lives with his wife and family in Saskatoon.

Glenn Wright Candidate for Saskatoon Westview 

Glenn was born and raised in Saskatoon and studied engineering and law at the University of Saskatchewan. Glenn and his wife Shannon bought their first home in Saskatoon Westview on Howell Avenue.  We still buy our groceries at the Westview Co-op after more than 20 years of marriage. Today, Glenn lives with his wife and threeteenaged children on a farm near Vanscoy.  Glenn practices regenerative agriculture techniques on his farm and he is an articling law student at Wardell Gillis in Saskatoon.

Glenn worked for 20 years as an engineer in resource extraction before deciding to pursue a new career in law.  Glenn observed the lack of balance between economic and environmental objectives while working as an engineer in both oil production and uranium mining.  

Glenn passionately advocates for a sustainable economy, equality, and strengthening our democracy.  He volunteers with SaskEV, Climate Justice Saskatoon, the National Farmers Union, the Saskatchewan Association for Environmental Law, the Saskatchewan Coalition for Sustainable Development, and has run as a candidate for the provincial NDP in 2011 and 2016. 

“I am asking voters in Saskatoon Westview to vote for me to send a message – that we must recover from the pandemic by strengthening our social safety net and building a sustainable economy. I know winning this riding is going to be tough and it won’t happen without an organic spread of support. 

The main parties are suppressing participative democracy and exhibit a disappointing sense of entitlement.  Without strong Green Party voices in Regina, the other parties ignore important issues.  They focus on polling, media cycles, and the issue of the day without demonstrating courageous leadership.  I will demonstrate leadership and work hard for Saskatoon Westview if given the chance.  I humbly ask for your support in this election, not for myself, but for all of us.  It is time we elected people willing to address inequality and build a sustainable economy.  I am willing to champion those causes for the betterment of Saskatchewan!”

Michael Wright (MEng BEd) Candidate for Regina-Lakeview

Born in 1982 on Treaty 4 land, Michael attended Campbell Collegiate, the University of Regina, and the Universidad de los Andes (Bogota).

He worked as an engineer with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure where he oversaw construction projects and developed transportation policy. He also taught classes in highway design and sustainable construction at the Universidad Minuto de Dios.

He now works as a teacher in Mathematics, Physics, and French with Regina Public Schools while managing rental housing in the Cathedral neighbourhood.

He has been a prior candidate for the party (2003, 2011, 2016), and wants to represent Regina Lakeview to bring Green values of peace, social justice, sustainability, and participatory democracy to the Legislature.

Delanie J Passer Candidate for Saskatoon Riversdale

Born in BC, Delanie grew up in a widowed single parent household whose only income was from social assistance. His mother would remarry and he would spend his later years helping on the family farm located by Dundurn, Saskatchewan.

During his 20’s he would try various jobs, before spending the last 14 years with SaskTel.

He has a strong interest in politics and has finished his studies at the University of Saskatchewan (UofS) completing a BA, majoring in Politics. He is proud of his Indigenous roots and recently earned an Indigenous Governance and Politics Certificate (UofS). He is pursuing a Global Studies Certificate in International studies to complement his degree.

Delanie has gained the necessary tools and knowledge from individuals who have shaped our world by participating, in many lectures and discussions that were directed by senior EU, Canadian and American policymakers and diplomats, as well as top NATO officials and leading academic experts.

Locally, he has held titles on boards with SaskTel Aboriginal Employees Network, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (SaskTel), Poverty Reduction Program (City of Saskatoon), City of Saskatoon Santa Claus Parade.

He currently serves as the president of the Saskatchewan Green Party. Having experienced, life through the lower classes, he understands, the issues facing lower and middle classes. He understands the challenges of being Indigenous and participates frequently in cultural ceremonies worldwide.

Delanie has vowed to help the Indigenous, working-class, and less fortunate by lending his ears and using his voice.  

Albert Chubak Candidate for Saskatoon-Nutana

Albert Chubak grew up on the west side of Saskatoon and attended Westmount and Bedford Road public schools. During his schooling he was an avid athlete with a love for wrestling and football.  In wrestling he rose to 3rd in Canada and in football was a high school MVP and Saskatchewan All-Star.  He participated in high school politics through SRC and led as a captain for multiple years in multiple sports.  After high school while competing in sports he tore his knee and decided to refocus.  His caring leading nature led him to serve as a missionary helping others for 2 years.

He attended the University of Saskatchewan with a focus on History, English and Education.  He completed classes also at the University of Three Rivers in Quebec and later still maintained a 4.0 grade point while at the University of Utah, being admitted into the Golden Key Honor Society.  During his 22 year stay in Utah he became a Licensed General Contractor and later a manufacturing enterprise producing the Eco Bee Box hive.  In 2011 he began Eco Bee Box which blends various beekeeping methods into his unique beekeeping equipment. Eco Bee Box received the “Most Innovative Company” in Utah for 2013.  In 2014 he received the “Most Innovative” award being given by the Western Apicultural Society.  He served on the board for the Western Apicultural Society, was the delegate for Utah at the American Beekeeping Federation for many years, was appointed the Historian for the Utah State Beekeeping Federation and the Eastern Apicultural Society.  He has written many articles for the Bee Culture Magazine and was a regular writer for the American Beekeeping Federation publication.  He has published his own work on beekeeping while in Utah which also received national recognition as well as an award.  In 2018 he travelled to Jordan and Israel to teach beekeeping and learn about the customs and practises there.  While in Jordan he visited with the Mister of Agriculture and lectured on beekeeping, leaving a special Eco Bee Box Mini Hive made of red Padauk wood for the King of Jordan.   

While keeping more than 450 of his own hives, he started a bee removal business that led him to many incredible experiences with retrieving bee colonies from inside walls of homes and ceilings.  He has participated in hundreds of live bee removals in Utah and hundreds of thousands of people have seen his colony removals on local and national news programs and on YouTube.  He was also a Bee Wrangler for Spike TV.

Albert returned home to Saskatchewan in 2019 to help family and enjoy the land he and his family came from.  In 2000 he published a comprehensive book on his family roots spanning back to the mid 1600’s.  Beekeeping was found in his family roots too.  His homesteading pioneers were all led to Alvena Saskatchewan area. 

While away, Albert participated in business and organizational politics in the United States.  As a father he has seen how divorces destroy families and children are alienated from a parent.  As a business owner he took homeless people under his wing to help them progress, allowing them night shelter in his shop.  He has a caring creative nature and always looks for new avenues for progression.

Justina Robinson Candidate for Rosetown-Elrose

Justina Robinson is a proud Saskatchewan woman, born and raised. An independent business owner, she is the single mother of four, with three kids at home on their acreage near Harris. Most of her adult life, Justina has been passionate about reforming the justice system and the foster care system.

She vigorously promotes the concept that Canada can produce much more of its own food by facilitating the startup of more local growers/producers, and by helping get their produce to market at a price fair to them and to consumers alike.

Justina graduated from Martensville High in 2001 after overcoming addiction and trauma as a youth. She went on to take her Youth Care Certificate in Warman, and has worked with youth and foster families in a variety of settings. It was during this time that she realized that the system itself needs a complete overhaul.

She started her interior renovation business in 2009. Since then she has produced a series of letters and articles advocating for children in care and for justice system reform. Recently she has shepherded a petition urging tougher sentencing of sex offenders.

Justina has the proven ability to work hard for her fellow Saskatchewan citizens. With her strong vision for a fairer, caring, more prosperous future, Justina Robinson is the right choice for Rosetown-Elrose MLA.

Anthony Majore Candidate for Regina-Northeast

Anthony Majoré is a Metis man born in Lebret, Saskatchewan. His family then moved to Regina. He became a steelworker at Ipsco/Evraz. He’s retired now but does shutdowns at the coop upgrader and odd jobs to keep busy and help out.

He has three children and two grandchildren. His interest in politics is in ensuring a better planet for them to live on.

Tobi-Dawne Smith Candidate for Saskatoon Fairview

Tobi-Dawne Smith, the former president of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, is a passionate educator and biologist currently completing her masters in Environmental Education and Communication.  Filled with wonder at our natural world and non-human kin, she hopes to help inspire more people to take action and to believe in their own efficacy to create change.  An outspoken advocate for the queer and neurodivergent communities (of which she is a member) she believes deeply in the values of reciprocity, gratitude, and diversity.

Larry Neufeld Candidate for Rosthern-Shellbrook

Larry has worked in the group and individual insurance industry field for several years, is the CEO of the Regina Lewvan Green Party of Canada Electoral District Association and is also the Vice President of Regina Food for Learning.  In addition to this Larry has been an active volunteer with Amnesty International, the Blue Dot Movement, Bike Regina and with the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

He became active with the Saskatchewan Green Party in 2015 and ran as a candidate in the Saskatchewan provincial election for the Saskatchewan Green Party in Regina Lakeview in 2016. 

Larry believes the Greens offer positive and meaningful change for Saskatchewan toward creating a more sustainable and equitable province and this is what has made him a passionate supporter of the party.

In his free time he likes to sing, help fix computers and also go cycling.

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