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Naomi Hunter

A Leader who listens:

    Naomi Hunter was the Green Party of Canada Candidate for Regina-Lewvan in the recent 2019 Federal Election, during which she succeeded in doubling the number of Green votes in her riding from the 2015 election. She was the only candidate to double her vote in Saskatchewan and ended up getting the highest number of votes of any Green candidate in the province. Shortly after the 2019 election, Elizabeth May, our then Federal Leader resigned. Naomi originally had intended to run for the Leadership of the Green Party of Canada. She has supporters across Canada and knows a lot of people. She felt that being part of the Federal race would bring attention to Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan issues. Her focus changed when Shawn Setyo, the Saskatchewan Green Party Leader also resigned. Naomi felt that a strong leader needed to step forward to lead the party into the 2020 election. The knowledge that Saskatchewan and Alberta have such a high carbon footprint that those two provinces are causing Canada to not reach its’ Paris Accord Agreement, convinced this Leadership candidate that her focus needs be on Provincial Politics at this time. Naomi Hunter has entered the Saskatchewan Green Party Leadership race with her goal being to move the Party forward and see significant gains this election. She also intends to be the first Elected Prairie Green; after the 2020 election, Ms. Hunter intends to be an MLA in the Legislature.

   Saskatchewan Green Party candidates are not career politicians, they are real people from all walks of life who are passionate about making our province a better, fairer place. The Saskatchewan Green Party is formed by real people, for real people. They know how life is for most of us, so they fight for a fairer world, for real change and for the common good. Naomi Hunter is that; a person who genuinely represents your interests, who has experienced many of the same things you have.

   Naomi runs the family Haskap farm with her father in the summer, in Birch Hills, in the northern part of our province. She was born in Turtleford,Saskatchewan, north of North Battleford.  She understands the strong ties that most Saskatchewan people have to their rural roots, even when they live in the city. During the rest of the year, she teaches fitness classes for seniors in Regina, SK. Previously, Ms. Hunter ran restaurants and Art Galleries in rural communities and she has maintained relationships with people she knew in those areas. Being self-employed most of her adult life, Naomi has strong sympathies for the struggles that small business owners face. She is committed to providing  support to help small and micro business owners.

   Community involvement is an important part of Naomi’s life and always has been. Here in Regina, she founded the “I Will Help Regina” Facebook group. She started that initiative to help turn people’s fear they were expressing when a large number of Syrian refugees were coming to our country. She feels that if others greet new people with gifts and help, this will foster understanding and break down barriers. People can ask for help in getting clothing, food and furniture, and receive it. Her volunteer initiative has grown to include 10, 000 people and she continues to admin it with two other women.

   Naomi has been involved in environmental and community activism throughout her teenage and adult life. She was a tireless volunteer, fighting the cuts to our Provincial Libraries here in Saskatchewan. Recently, she was involved in the fight to save Cornwall School after a Provincial Government budget cut. Naomi Hunter was very involved in the Craik Sustainable Living Project, and ended up being the first year round resident, along with her two children. They lived totally off grid in a Mongolian Yurt with solar panels for power and conducted tours of the community to promote the project and people’s understanding of living ecologically.

Vote for a leader that truly represents you and your interests. This individual  is the kind of candidate who genuinely represents your interests, who has experienced many of the things you have. She is relatable to people because she can share many of their struggles and relate them to her own. Reach out to her today, she is responsive and would love to answer your questions.

Naomi Hunter’s contact info:
Website: NaomiHunter.ca
Facebook: Naomi Hunter
Instagram: Naomi.ness6
Twitter: NaomiHunterGPC@GpcHunter
Email: Regina.lewvan@greenparty.ca

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