Who is your choice?

George Wooldridge

A long time advocate of sustainable railway transportation for goods and passengers, my advocacy has taken me into the political realm. After being a long time NDPer and avowed democratic socialist I no longer believe the NDP is an effective vehicle to advance the strong policies we need to combat the climate crisis and the deep inequality which has wracked our province and our nation.   Not only does the NDP no longer speak for the powerless it has abandoned its Labour roots as evidenced by Ryan Meili’s refusal to back strong anti scab legislation.   I believe we must offer a real Green new deal for Saskatchewan and Canada.   A deal for all not the few.   Not I or you but all of us! We are running out of time (literally as upheavals of climate and wars of greed disfigure our lives). We must be bold and radical.   Our political opponents in the Saskatchewan party and NDP need a time out in the next election! We need to earn the trust of Saskatchewan voters and get them to lend us their votes!   We must reignite the legacies of our progressive past be as radical and innovative as Tommy Douglas, Woodrow Lloyd and Allan Blakeney!

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