Who is your choice?

Maria Lewans

Maria Rose Lewans grew up on a mixed farm in South West Saskatchewan. She liked to collect rocks and explore the farm and it’s abundance. Blessed with clean water, fresh garden vegetables and eggs and pasture raised cattle, she was naive to the oppression and poverty afflicting many around this world.

Maria went to the University of Saskatchewan to study Kinesiology. She eventually made her way into the plumbing trade, after working in construction, obtaining her journey person certificate and starting her own business.

Maria’s first foyer into politics was as SRC president during high school. In 2016 she ran for mayor of Swift Current. Maria subsequently ran in the provincial by-election for the Green party. Most recently she ran in this past federal election as an Independent.

Through a love of gardening, Maria started researching about different gardening methods and stumbled upon permaculture, and learning why growing our food locally is so important not only for the environment but also for our health and community connectedness.
With great intrigue Maria has devoured many books and documentaries, slowly awakening to the realities of injustice in this world. Maria really started to explore her spirituality and take on a more reflective and philosophical view on life. She slowly has worked on creating a yard full of edible and medicinal plants, guided by permaculture and food foresting practices, as she believes that is what sustainable agriculture looks like.

Maria has become increasingly aware of the unsustainable ways in which we function as a society and feels we need to make radical changes fast if we are to keep this planet hospitable to life. She believes we can have a world where everybody enjoys a fulfilling life, instead of a select few, but we need to eliminate our consumeristic and capitalist mindsets and learn to work together. Maria feels we need a full blown revolution away from technology, which she feels disempowers and disconnects us, and the relearning of how to live in harmony with nature and each other through land based education and a holistic mentality. She believes we can make a smooth transition into a new liberated way of living, while increasing our quality of life, in a relatively short time frame. Maria believes the power of community can do amazing things, and we are only limited by our mindsets and imaginations.

Maria is an avid learner with a curious and analytical mind, able to think outside the box and ask educated questions. Her curiosity causes her to explore a wide range of topics, try new things, meet random people and occasionally get into some trouble. She believes in the beauty of randomness and that life is a gift and meant to be enjoyed whenever possible. Maria believes that just as you wouldn’t build a house without a strong foundation, you shouldn’t build a community without a strong base, and that we need to overhaul the system if we want to succeed in building a better world for all. The democratic process can only be strengthened by having voices whom ask questions and provide constructive criticism as a way of challenging us to do things better and make better choices.

Elect Maria Rose Lewans, a voice of reason in a world of chaos, for leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party


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