A Message from Our Leader

Naomi Hunter

To the people of Saskatchewan,

Our province is on the cusp of incredible opportunity. The world is transitioning to a carbon free future and we are well positioned to benefit and prosper. The coming changes may be inevitable, but they do not have to be painful. With the right leader, we can have a fair and just transition. But, without a bold direction that understands the coming changes, our province will fall behind and our people will suffer. We are working tirelessly to avoid that possibility. The Saskatchewan Green Party understands where the changes are going and we are committed to leading our province into a new future with caring and fairness.

In Saskatchewan we pioneered the introduction of single-payer public healthcare. The low cost and administrative efficiencies of public health insurance in combination with the humanity of recognizing the universal need for medicine meant our innovation was adopted across Canada and stands an international beacon to those who believe in the obligation to care for our neighbour. The corporate entities and insurance companies who previously benefited from the misery of illness fought change, and lost. We won. Those same entities have since transitioned to the current profit centres of the healthcare industry: vision, dental, and pharmaceuticals. In the face of corporate opposition to fair public medical coverage for eyeglasses, teeth cleaning, and cancer treatment, we can win again.

Our province was settled by negotiated treaties, but the social understanding that meant a home for everybody and enough food on everybody’s plates has been lost. Our people are suffering from high property values that have brought prosperity for a few and hardship for many. Yet by any indicator from the world’s elite financial institutions we are living in one of the monetarily wealthiest societies to ever grace this planet. Money is like the fertilizer we use on our farms and gardens; if spread around evenly we reap its bounty, but if piled in one place it stinks. We must make our wealth work for all. Full participation in society requires that every person have access to a universal basic income to meet their basic physical needs and to make their best possible contribution to our province. We recognize that everybody contributes in different ways and that we all win by empowering each other; we are dedicated to that vision.

We are the land of living skies. The sun and wind paint a daily tableau that inspires our people that so often work alone in the open air to make a better life for themselves and their families. Our sunny days have made us Canada’s breadbasket; the emergence of solar energy will make us the nation’s powerhouse. A fair transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy means supporting every person who wants to invest in solar power, and it also means supporting the transition for workers and communities whose jobs rely on legacy technology. We have a provincial history of self-reliance; we are hardworking and capable people who can get the job done given the right tools and training. Let’s allow our people to get to work.

Our plan for the province is straightforward and based on fundamental values of justice and sustainability. There is no reason in a prosperous 21st century that our people should have teeth extracted for lack of dental coverage or should have to choose between paying for groceries or rent. The solar industry in the sunniest province should not be laying off workers, it should be expanding to meet our children’s needs. Our province needs bold, decisive leadership to make a fair transition happen. With your help, it will.

Naomi Hunter


Saskatchewan Green Party

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