Scott Moe releases a Complete Lack of a Plan for Schools Reopening.

Education Minister Gord Wyant doesn’t do homework, presents no plan to teachers.

“This back to normal, non-plan by Moe and Wyant is quite frankly, reckless. All of Saskatchewan is endangered by it”, says Saskatchewan Green Party Leader, Naomi Hunter. “Parents are scared. Our schools are underfunded. Now, in the middle of a pandemic the best our Premier can offer is to keep washing our hands? I am appalled.”

Prior to the pandemic, teachers were already ringing the bell on large class sizes and inadequate student supports. The system needs additional funds, and teachers and parents need a real plan.

We call on Premier Moe and his Education Minister to commit to “best practices”. This includes a phased in approach to opening schools, limited class sizes, mandatory masks and a comprehensive distance learning option. In addition, we need more paid sick days, expanded covid-19 testing, and PPE.

“Our phones are lighting up across the province as teachers and parents struggle to come to terms with a government that just doesn’t get it.” proclaims Hunter. “I’m a Mom, and have teachers for friends. We know kids can’t be expected to keep socially distant in the best of scenarios. How does this government expect them to in a class of 30?”

The Saskatchewan Green Party stands immediately ready to work with all parties across the province to put health and safety first. “This is no time to be conservative, we must be compassionate and act on the best science. We owe it to our kids”  Hunter urges.

-Naomi Hunter
Leader, Saskatchewan Green Party

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