Saskatchewan Green Party to Eliminate Poverty

Saskatchewan Green Party to Eliminate Poverty.

“Not only is it the moral thing to do, it’s the most practical. Don’t ever let anyone say: ‘we can’t afford that.’, when in actuality we can’t afford not to!” – states Naomi Hunter, Saskatchewan Green Party Leader.


The Green Party took the lead advocating for this years ago. Now it stands with a growing Guaranteed Income movement here in Canada and around the world. “We’ve had this before on the prairies ‘And for five years, poverty was on the run, in Dauphin, Manitoba with the UBI Pilot Project there”, reminds Hunter.


If elected, the Saskatchewan Green Party will immediately establish a Guaranteed Provincial Income for all who need it, regardless of what the federal government has to offer. The dual challenges of a resurging pandemic and ongoing climate change demand we support our most vulnerable.

Guaranteeing a livable income is cheaper than paying for the symptoms of poverty. It will:

*strengthen families and communities by directly supporting our caregivers and volunteers
*allow for greater choice in the work we do and where we do it
*provide a safety net for continued education or re-training
*cover the basics like food and shelter

 “In just the last week Moe’s government has attacked the poor by threatening to clawback CERB income from welfare receipts, took a lawful Indigenous activist to court (Tristen Durocher),  delayed full Covid-19 funding for schools. The callous, backwards mind-set of this SaskParty government is frankly shameful. It’s time for a premier who will lead with empathy and compassion”, states Hunter


This fall, the people of Saskatchewan can choose principles and policies that align with their needs. The Saskatchewan Green Party offers that choice.

For more info, contact their leader, Naomi Hunter at 1-306-561-8880

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