Steel Workers Crushed As Sask Party and NDP Play Pipeline Politics

Evraz workers lose again.

The Saskatchewan Green Party calls on the government to immediately move towards a bold Green Recovery. A recovery where local mills and their workers produce the needed steel. We can reverse the layoffs and create new opportunities that move us away from dependence on the precarious oil and gas sector.

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“500 more families in this province face financial ruin while Meili and Moe fight over pipelines”, states Naomi Hunter, leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. “Where’s the leadership? Where’s the vision we need for our future? The SaskParty continues to fail us, and the NDP are powerless to stop them.”

Jobs would be created by converting to steel production for renewable energy projects. This is something the provincial NDP, Saskatchewan Party and local Conservative MPs should consider supporting to help workers get back to work.

Stainless steel is needed in so many different forms to support renewable energy deployment. In geothermal, where corrosion resistant stainless steel is needed for heat exchangers, condensers, piping, filters, pumps and valves. In thermo-solar energy, stainless steel is needed for water tanks, cushion absorbers, frames and fasteners. It’s needed in the emerging renewable ‘blue energy’ field to protect systems from seawater corrosion, abrasion, and bio-fouling. And, of course, wind power: from the foundation down to its screws and studs, every part of the wind turbine depends on steel. Non- carbon-intensive methods can be used to produce all of this machinery.

“It’s time to move beyond steel for pipelines and get people to work building our renewable energy sector”, says Hunter. “We need political parties to come together and take real Climate Action. Let’s transition our workforce and manufacturing sectors rather than focus on outdated political agendas.”

The Saskatchewan Green Party believes it is essential to have a vibrant and sustainable economic system, one that provides good jobs and a decent standard of living for all people while maintaining a healthy ecological balance.

We believe a Green Recovery can achieve this balance and call on the other parties to pursue the possibilities with us.

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

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