Premier Moe’s handling of the pandemic is literally killing people

 Scott Moe’s response in yesterday’s news is unacceptable: “I just don’t know that, as I reflect on them, that there is a different decision that we could have made at that point in time, given what we knew.” 

“Actually, Mr. Moe, you should be apologizing right now. That is the appropriate response in this situation, followed by a commitment to do better. Under your leadership we have an overburdened health care system, a bungled handling of the Parkside Care Home’s tragic outbreak, and skyrocketing cases of the virus in our province,” states Naomi Hunter, Saskatchewan Green Party Leader. “People are literally paying for these decisions with their lives,” Hunter adds.

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Moe’s approval rating sits at a dismal 39%, and for good reason, people are dying.

The Saskatchewan Green Party calls on Premier Moe to immediately strike an all-party, all-expert panel on how best to mitigate the damage, flatten the curve and better care for the sick and vulnerable.

We must not accept the continuing death toll.

We have the means to make this better.

Let’s put people in charge who know what they’re doing — the public health experts, the educators, the care-givers.

Now is the time for a Guaranteed Liveable Income (GLI) to be brought in. Real leadership is looking after people in times of crisis, especially the most vulnerable in society. We can choose to not have people evicted. We can choose to make sure people’s needs are covered. A GLI would support vulnerable people by giving them housing and food security.

Premier Moe’s continued supposed focus on businesses not suffering during a pandemic is a farce. There are numerous small and micro businesses that are really hurting right now. A GLI would do so much towards helping them keep the doors open. “People need some real supports and help right now. Saskatchewan can’t just keep pretending we are in normal times, we need to be reacting with extraordinary love and compassion right now, and it needs to start at the top,” states Hunter.

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

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