Minister of Health Misjudges Pandemic, Death Toll Rises

The SaskParty ignored early post-election modelling that showed a likely surge in Covid-19. 

How is this quote from Paul Merriman, Minister of Health, “At the time, we wanted to make sure that we were reacting to what we saw, not what could come on the horizon”, any different from saying “We ignored the experts and trend data, the most valuable tool we have to predict this pandemic, because they were saying people would die and we didn’t want to believe it”? 

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“I call on the government to listen to its own experts and come up with a real plan to address this crisis properly”, demands Naomi Hunter, leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. “People are dying because of government inaction.”

On Saturday January 9, we broke a record with 33 deaths in the previous 7 days. In fact, according to multiple metrics, our province is arguably in the worst place it has been since the pandemic began.  

SK’s case incidence per 100k = 23.9/day
MB’s case incidence per 100k = 12.6/day 

SK test positivity = 11.7% (7-day reported, 11.3% 5-day)
MB test positivity = 9.2% (5-day reported)  

Today many of our kids go back to school, and with a weekly positivity rate if 12.1% there is concern our numbers will continue to rise. “I believe the government’s reliance on wishful thinking instead of science and sound public health policy will continue to cause unnecessary suffering and death.” says Hunter. “It’s time for real leadership. We need to start putting the needs of the many ahead of the few. We must start listening to our front-line health workers, our educators, and our scientists, not the corporate lobby interests.” 

The Saskatchewan Green Party also calls on the government to immediately legislate a Guaranteed Livable Income and a doubling of education and health budgets during this crisis.

We continue to call for an all-party, all-expert committee to be formed that can examine all the data, making their findings and recommendations immediately public so the people of Saskatchewan can see what our government makes its decisions on. 

“It’s not too late to start doing the right thing”, reminds Hunter. “The solutions are there, let’s focus our efforts together and flatten that curve again!”

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

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