Our SGP Supernatural Saskatchewan Superstar

Supernatural Saskatchewan Superstar SGP Leader Naomi Hunter

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of Global Green News interviews with superstar SGP Leader Naomi Hunter.

Some highlights:

Q: Why is Saskatchewan a perfect place to confront the climate crisis? What are the environmental issues that are faced?

A: Saskatchewan currently has the largest per capita emissions in Canada yet we could lead the country in clean energy production. It’s time for Saskatchewan to lead again, as we did in Tommy Douglas’ day in the creation of socialized medicine for all. In the 21st century we need a Green Future for all, or there will be no future.

Q: People have recently paid more attention to Nuclear energy, and SMRs in Saskatchewan which can help Canada cut its emissions, but is it really clean and safe?

A: There are no operating SMR’s (Small Modular Reactors) in Canada. These are thus-far, an imaginary item that does not yet exist. They will take a decade (that we don’t have!) to go through testing and implementation. SMR’s are also costing out at 2-5times the cost of solar or wind. Governments willfully dismantling existing solar programs (like the SaskParty did ) this past year in Saskatchewan, for an unproven theoretical product with a radioactive and deadly waste product that will contaminate our planet for thousands of years, makes no sense.

No, nuclear is not safe! From mining to transportation to refining to energy and weapons production to waste, and contamination from depleted uranium and larger nuclear weapons. None of this is safe.

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