It’s Past Time for a Guaranteed Livable Income

The Saskatchewan Green Party thanks former Premier Lorne Calvert for helping reposition the left on this issue. Naomi Hunter, SGP leader, states: “It is very refreshing to see a former NDP Premier of Saskatchewan endorse GLI.” During the 2020 provincial election campaign, Guaranteed Livable Income was a prominent part of the Green platform. By contrast, the NDP candidates and their current leader, Ryan Meili, uniformly repeated that it was not feasible at this time, period.

In Premier Calvert’s March 3 Leader-Post op-ed, he writes: “For all our well-meaning intentions, at some point we have to admit our programs are not working to end or even significantly reduce poverty.” He goes on to give the idea of a GLI pilot program a push.

“I hope this article convinces the membership of the NDP to pressure their party to adopt GLI now,” says Hunter. “We can move to a less judgmental and more economical system of social supports in this province. The current system is outdated and administration-heavy. Now is the time for all parties, at all levels, to come together and make this happen.”

The Saskatchewan Green Party has promoted a Guaranteed Livable Income as a prominent part of its policy for years. The future has arrived. It’s time. A green recovery from Covid-19 and our transition from fossil fuels to renewables must include Guaranteed Livable Income.

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

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