Time’s UP for Nuclear

Scott Moe signed a nuclear deal with nothing more than a few words in question period, and NO public consultation process. Even his predecessor Brad Wall held provincial public consultations when he wanted us to store nuclear waste. However, Scott Moe and the SaskParty seem to feel they don’t have to be accountable at all to the people they govern.

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As leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party, I am horrified at what politics has become in this province. We are racing against time to deal with the climate crisis. The climate clock in Manhattan, set up by scientists specialized in their fields, shows we have six years to get our emissions reduced.

Unfortunately, the SaskParty is still looking at their usual host of solutions, which merely pretend to deal with the environmental crisis we are in. We have immediate, cheaper and much less dangerous solutions to the climate crisis that can be put to work immediately.

Small Modular Reactors are a theoretical product that don’t yet exist. Nuclear will take at least seven to ten years to set up. The actions we need to take are today — we need to see immediate massive expansion of conservation, energy-efficient retrofits, wind and solar and geothermal; abandoned oil and gas wells need to be cleaned up and capped for renegade methane.

These things need to be started a.s.a.p., and we need targets of every two years. We must begin now to get to 100% clean energy within the decade. We need our greenhouse gas emissions reduced to at least half, preferably more, within that same time period. We cannot wait any longer.

The climate clock is ticking. Real solutions are needed in real-time.

The Saskatchewan Green Party continues to be opposed to SM(nuclear)R’s and all other nuclear reactors, plus the polluting uranium industry in this province. We insist that the government immediately backtrack and start fair consultations with the public, as previous governments have done with respect to a just and democratic process.

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
Phone: (306) 561-8880
Email: naomihunter@saskgreen.ca
Twitter: @GpcHunter
Facebook: SaskGreenParty

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