We Are Our Green Values

I am sure many of you have followed the strife in the Green Party of Canada with the same grief that I have today. Seeing Jenica Atwin, Fredericton MP, whom we were all so proud of, cross the floor to the Liberals was disheartening.
However, the Green Party is not just one person, or even one leader. It never has been. The membership, the Green grassroots – we are the party! Our six core values are what unites us. One person does not change the Green Party itself. People get upset over issues all the time and leave political parties; we as members are our core Green values.

We are: Respect for Diversity, Ecological Wisdom, Non-Violence, Social Justice, Participatory Democracy and Sustainability. No set of temporary situations changes that.
As leader of the the Saskatchewan Green Party I recognize mine is a separate party from the federal GPC, but all Green parties around the world share the same six Green values.
I believe in all of you and I believe in our Green values. I believe the issues in Saskatchewan and beyond need our hard work and advocacy, and the Green movement holds the best chance at success.
Let us now grieve our loss and for those who are ready, let’s get back to work!
We have a Climate Crisis to fight together. 
Reach out anytime if any of you need to talk.
Yours in caring and empathy,
Naomi Hunter
Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party
Phone: (306) 561-8880
Email: naomihunter@saskgreen.ca
Twitter: @GpcHunter
Facebook: SaskGreenParty

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