Foam Lake Pride Parade 2021

A Pride Parade in Foam Lake? Yes! When 9-year-old Asha was denied attending the Regina Pride Parade her can-do attitude said, “Let’s have one here then.”

Asha and her mother told Naomi Hunter, Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party (SGP), they thought maybe four people would attend. Attendance far exceeded four. The Foam Lake mayor, other students, community members, two RCMP officers in full uniform, representatives from Regina Pride and Yorkton Pride, and the SGP Leader all paraded their pride in diversity.

Hunter said, “I am so happy to have represented the Saskatchewan Green Party today in the town of Foam Lake’s first ever Pride Parade today. I look forward to coming back for next years Foam Lake Pride parade.” She added, “Before this Asha also has held solo Friday for Future marches here. She also tried to organize a litter pickup event. She is a true future leader.”

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