Minister of Health Misjudges Pandemic, Death Toll Rises

The SaskParty ignored early post-election modelling that showed a likely surge in Covid-19.  How is this quote from Paul Merriman, Minister of Health, “At the time, we wanted to make sure that we were reacting to what we saw, not what could come on the horizon”, any different from saying “We ignored the experts andContinue reading “Minister of Health Misjudges Pandemic, Death Toll Rises”

Premier Moe’s handling of the pandemic is literally killing people

 Scott Moe’s response in yesterday’s news is unacceptable: “I just don’t know that, as I reflect on them, that there is a different decision that we could have made at that point in time, given what we knew.”  “Actually, Mr. Moe, you should be apologizing right now. That is the appropriate response in this situation,Continue reading “Premier Moe’s handling of the pandemic is literally killing people”

Steel Workers Crushed As Sask Party and NDP Play Pipeline Politics

Evraz workers lose again. The Saskatchewan Green Party calls on the government to immediately move towards a bold Green Recovery. A recovery where local mills and their workers produce the needed steel. We can reverse the layoffs and create new opportunities that move us away from dependence on the precarious oil and gas sector. “500Continue reading “Steel Workers Crushed As Sask Party and NDP Play Pipeline Politics”

SaskParty Endangers Citizens with Cruel Policies

The Saskatchewan Green Party is calling on the Moe government to immediately release the immunocompromised from prisons and detention centres, along with those not at risk to reoffend. Premier Moe’s continued mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis combines with his party’s draconian justice practices to further threaten the health of all Saskatchewanians. Four of Saskatchewan’s adultContinue reading “SaskParty Endangers Citizens with Cruel Policies”

Saskatchewan Green Party to Eliminate Poverty

Saskatchewan Green Party to Eliminate Poverty. “Not only is it the moral thing to do, it’s the most practical. Don’t ever let anyone say: ‘we can’t afford that.’, when in actuality we can’t afford not to!” – states Naomi Hunter, Saskatchewan Green Party Leader. Reference: The Green Party took the lead advocating for this yearsContinue reading “Saskatchewan Green Party to Eliminate Poverty”

Scott Moe releases a Complete Lack of a Plan for Schools Reopening.

FAILEducation Minister Gord Wyant doesn’t do homework, presents no plan to teachers. “This back to normal, non-plan by Moe and Wyant is quite frankly, reckless. All of Saskatchewan is endangered by it”, says Saskatchewan Green Party Leader, Naomi Hunter. “Parents are scared. Our schools are underfunded. Now, in the middle of a pandemic the bestContinue reading “Scott Moe releases a Complete Lack of a Plan for Schools Reopening.”

ENVIRONMENT MINISTER DUSTIN DUNCAN DENIES SASKATCHEWAN A CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE WITH CREATION OF NUCLEAR SECRETARIAT. “The Greens want the focus back on solar, wind and geothermal. Duncan’s government scrapped the best solar incentive plan In the country and are focusing on SMR’s (small nukes) that don’t even exist yet, and will take 10 years toContinue reading

Saskatchewan Premier Needs to Speak Out Against Racist Attacks

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan Green Party (SGP) is demanding Premier Moe speak out forcefully in condemning the racist attack on a 15 year old that happened recently in a public park in Saskatoon. Leader of the SGP Naomi Hunter states, “I am shocked to hear nothing from the Premier since this horrible racist incidentContinue reading “Saskatchewan Premier Needs to Speak Out Against Racist Attacks”

Naomi Hunter demands respect for legal election dates Media Release March 5, 2020  NAOMI HUNTER DEMANDS RESPECT FOR LEGAL ELECTION DATES  REGINA – Naomi Hunter and the Green Party are demanding that Scott Moe respect Saskatchewan’s election date legislation and to commit to holding the next provincial vote as scheduled on October 26. According toContinue reading