Saturday Feb 29, 2020 2pm

The Saskatchewan Green Party is having a Leadership race. All Leadership nominations must be in and will be announced by the end of January. You must have a valid Saskatchewan Green Party membership to vote for the Leader, which you can purchase right up until and at the event, February 29. You will be able to hear the Candidates for Leader speak at the Convention and their nominators may also say a few words about them. All Provincial leadership candidates will have their contact info available so that you can speak to them before the convention as well.
David Merner, Federal Green Party Leadership candidate, will be our guest speaker at the convention. He was the Federal candidate for Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke and is the Green Party of Canada Justice Critic. Mr. Merner came in second in his riding and will speak to us on some of the essential rules of campaigning. We will also be joined via Video Conferencing by Judy N Green. Other Federal candidates are letting us know if they can attend as well and will be edited into this event. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and speak to Federal Leadership candidates.
Richard Jack, our Saskatchewan Green Interim Leader, will be giving a speech. This past year, Greens across Canada have been asked to speak about ‘Why they are Green’. Richard Jack speaks movingly on this topic. The Saskatchewan Greens have been fortunate to have Richard as our Interim Leader, he is sure to continue being a vital part of our party.
Where: Unitarian Centre, 2700 College Ave, Regina
When: February 29, 2020, 2-5pm
NOTE: There will be events held in other communities in Saskatchewan over the month of February to give people a chance to get to know the candidates. These will also be posted as events on this page. Please share these events widely and invite those you know!

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