Minister of Health Misjudges Pandemic, Death Toll Rises

The SaskParty ignored early post-election modelling that showed a likely surge in Covid-19. 

How is this quote from Paul Merriman, Minister of Health, “At the time, we wanted to make sure that we were reacting to what we saw, not what could come on the horizon”, any different from saying “We ignored the experts and trend data, the most valuable tool we have to predict this pandemic, because they were saying people would die and we didn’t want to believe it”? 

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“I call on the government to listen to its own experts and come up with a real plan to address this crisis properly”, demands Naomi Hunter, leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. “People are dying because of government inaction.”

On Saturday January 9, we broke a record with 33 deaths in the previous 7 days. In fact, according to multiple metrics, our province is arguably in the worst place it has been since the pandemic began.  

SK’s case incidence per 100k = 23.9/day
MB’s case incidence per 100k = 12.6/day 

SK test positivity = 11.7% (7-day reported, 11.3% 5-day)
MB test positivity = 9.2% (5-day reported)  

Today many of our kids go back to school, and with a weekly positivity rate if 12.1% there is concern our numbers will continue to rise. “I believe the government’s reliance on wishful thinking instead of science and sound public health policy will continue to cause unnecessary suffering and death.” says Hunter. “It’s time for real leadership. We need to start putting the needs of the many ahead of the few. We must start listening to our front-line health workers, our educators, and our scientists, not the corporate lobby interests.” 

The Saskatchewan Green Party also calls on the government to immediately legislate a Guaranteed Livable Income and a doubling of education and health budgets during this crisis.

We continue to call for an all-party, all-expert committee to be formed that can examine all the data, making their findings and recommendations immediately public so the people of Saskatchewan can see what our government makes its decisions on. 

“It’s not too late to start doing the right thing”, reminds Hunter. “The solutions are there, let’s focus our efforts together and flatten that curve again!”

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

Premier Moe’s handling of the pandemic is literally killing people

 Scott Moe’s response in yesterday’s news is unacceptable: “I just don’t know that, as I reflect on them, that there is a different decision that we could have made at that point in time, given what we knew.” 

“Actually, Mr. Moe, you should be apologizing right now. That is the appropriate response in this situation, followed by a commitment to do better. Under your leadership we have an overburdened health care system, a bungled handling of the Parkside Care Home’s tragic outbreak, and skyrocketing cases of the virus in our province,” states Naomi Hunter, Saskatchewan Green Party Leader. “People are literally paying for these decisions with their lives,” Hunter adds.

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Moe’s approval rating sits at a dismal 39%, and for good reason, people are dying.

The Saskatchewan Green Party calls on Premier Moe to immediately strike an all-party, all-expert panel on how best to mitigate the damage, flatten the curve and better care for the sick and vulnerable.

We must not accept the continuing death toll.

We have the means to make this better.

Let’s put people in charge who know what they’re doing — the public health experts, the educators, the care-givers.

Now is the time for a Guaranteed Liveable Income (GLI) to be brought in. Real leadership is looking after people in times of crisis, especially the most vulnerable in society. We can choose to not have people evicted. We can choose to make sure people’s needs are covered. A GLI would support vulnerable people by giving them housing and food security.

Premier Moe’s continued supposed focus on businesses not suffering during a pandemic is a farce. There are numerous small and micro businesses that are really hurting right now. A GLI would do so much towards helping them keep the doors open. “People need some real supports and help right now. Saskatchewan can’t just keep pretending we are in normal times, we need to be reacting with extraordinary love and compassion right now, and it needs to start at the top,” states Hunter.

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

Steel Workers Crushed As Sask Party and NDP Play Pipeline Politics

Evraz workers lose again.

The Saskatchewan Green Party calls on the government to immediately move towards a bold Green Recovery. A recovery where local mills and their workers produce the needed steel. We can reverse the layoffs and create new opportunities that move us away from dependence on the precarious oil and gas sector.

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“500 more families in this province face financial ruin while Meili and Moe fight over pipelines”, states Naomi Hunter, leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. “Where’s the leadership? Where’s the vision we need for our future? The SaskParty continues to fail us, and the NDP are powerless to stop them.”

Jobs would be created by converting to steel production for renewable energy projects. This is something the provincial NDP, Saskatchewan Party and local Conservative MPs should consider supporting to help workers get back to work.

Stainless steel is needed in so many different forms to support renewable energy deployment. In geothermal, where corrosion resistant stainless steel is needed for heat exchangers, condensers, piping, filters, pumps and valves. In thermo-solar energy, stainless steel is needed for water tanks, cushion absorbers, frames and fasteners. It’s needed in the emerging renewable ‘blue energy’ field to protect systems from seawater corrosion, abrasion, and bio-fouling. And, of course, wind power: from the foundation down to its screws and studs, every part of the wind turbine depends on steel. Non- carbon-intensive methods can be used to produce all of this machinery.

“It’s time to move beyond steel for pipelines and get people to work building our renewable energy sector”, says Hunter. “We need political parties to come together and take real Climate Action. Let’s transition our workforce and manufacturing sectors rather than focus on outdated political agendas.”

The Saskatchewan Green Party believes it is essential to have a vibrant and sustainable economic system, one that provides good jobs and a decent standard of living for all people while maintaining a healthy ecological balance.

We believe a Green Recovery can achieve this balance and call on the other parties to pursue the possibilities with us.

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

SaskParty Endangers Citizens with Cruel Policies

The Saskatchewan Green Party is calling on the Moe government to immediately release the immunocompromised from prisons and detention centres, along with those not at risk to reoffend.

Premier Moe’s continued mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis combines with his party’s draconian justice practices to further threaten the health of all Saskatchewanians.

Four of Saskatchewan’s adult jails and three youth correction facilities have COVID-19 outbreaks.

The SaskParty Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell says she cannot release prisoners. Further demonstrating a lack of understanding on the issue, she has no idea how the virus got into her facilities in the first place.

“This is deplorable”, states Naomi Hunter, leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. “Saskatchewan has double the number of remand prisoners than the Canadian average. And hearing a government minister saying she can’t do anything to reduce the numbers of prisoners in a COVID-19 infested jail is quite frankly unacceptable. It is time for her to step down.” 

Instead of reforming the criminal justice system the government has expanded the courts. There are now four separate courts operating in Saskatoon. Space is rented in the First Nations Bank building where a traffic court operates, and in the tower on 22nd Street beside the Tim Hortons.

The Saskatchewan Green Party calls on this government to be accountable. Where is the commitment to invest in people, not prisons?

“Minister Tell gets it right when she describes corrections as the ‘back-end’ of the system”, states Hunter. “Now we need her and Scott Moe to take responsibility for the front-end.

We spend extra to rent more court space, and have more staff at every level of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, but where are the investments in community development, education, healthcare?”

The Saskatchewan Green Party insists that Premier Moe and Minister Tell do the right thing here and take immediate measures to reduce the risk to inmates, corrections workers, their families and the province as a whole.

We need more community-based sentences, not the potential death sentences that come with unnecessary COVID-19 exposure in our crowded jails.

Naomi Hunter, Leader – Saskatchewan Green Party
(306) 561-8880
twitter: @GpcHunter

Saskatchewan Green Party to Eliminate Poverty

Saskatchewan Green Party to Eliminate Poverty.

“Not only is it the moral thing to do, it’s the most practical. Don’t ever let anyone say: ‘we can’t afford that.’, when in actuality we can’t afford not to!” – states Naomi Hunter, Saskatchewan Green Party Leader.


The Green Party took the lead advocating for this years ago. Now it stands with a growing Guaranteed Income movement here in Canada and around the world. “We’ve had this before on the prairies ‘And for five years, poverty was on the run, in Dauphin, Manitoba with the UBI Pilot Project there”, reminds Hunter.


If elected, the Saskatchewan Green Party will immediately establish a Guaranteed Provincial Income for all who need it, regardless of what the federal government has to offer. The dual challenges of a resurging pandemic and ongoing climate change demand we support our most vulnerable.

Guaranteeing a livable income is cheaper than paying for the symptoms of poverty. It will:

*strengthen families and communities by directly supporting our caregivers and volunteers
*allow for greater choice in the work we do and where we do it
*provide a safety net for continued education or re-training
*cover the basics like food and shelter

 “In just the last week Moe’s government has attacked the poor by threatening to clawback CERB income from welfare receipts, took a lawful Indigenous activist to court (Tristen Durocher),  delayed full Covid-19 funding for schools. The callous, backwards mind-set of this SaskParty government is frankly shameful. It’s time for a premier who will lead with empathy and compassion”, states Hunter


This fall, the people of Saskatchewan can choose principles and policies that align with their needs. The Saskatchewan Green Party offers that choice.

For more info, contact their leader, Naomi Hunter at 1-306-561-8880

Scott Moe releases a Complete Lack of a Plan for Schools Reopening.

Education Minister Gord Wyant doesn’t do homework, presents no plan to teachers.

“This back to normal, non-plan by Moe and Wyant is quite frankly, reckless. All of Saskatchewan is endangered by it”, says Saskatchewan Green Party Leader, Naomi Hunter. “Parents are scared. Our schools are underfunded. Now, in the middle of a pandemic the best our Premier can offer is to keep washing our hands? I am appalled.”

Prior to the pandemic, teachers were already ringing the bell on large class sizes and inadequate student supports. The system needs additional funds, and teachers and parents need a real plan.

We call on Premier Moe and his Education Minister to commit to “best practices”. This includes a phased in approach to opening schools, limited class sizes, mandatory masks and a comprehensive distance learning option. In addition, we need more paid sick days, expanded covid-19 testing, and PPE.

“Our phones are lighting up across the province as teachers and parents struggle to come to terms with a government that just doesn’t get it.” proclaims Hunter. “I’m a Mom, and have teachers for friends. We know kids can’t be expected to keep socially distant in the best of scenarios. How does this government expect them to in a class of 30?”

The Saskatchewan Green Party stands immediately ready to work with all parties across the province to put health and safety first. “This is no time to be conservative, we must be compassionate and act on the best science. We owe it to our kids”  Hunter urges.

-Naomi Hunter
Leader, Saskatchewan Green Party


“The Greens want the focus back on solar, wind and geothermal. Duncan’s government scrapped the best solar incentive plan In the country and are focusing on SMR’s (small nukes) that don’t even exist yet, and will take 10 years to implement.” declares Naomi Hunter, Leader of the Saskatchewand Green Party. “Investing millions of dollars and years of precious time in nuclear fantasies is stealing from our children’s future. As so-called fiscal conservatives, they should be ashamed.”

Saskatchewan has some of the highest solar production potential in the world. Our wind resource is likewise top of the class, affordable and highly favoured by the people.
Geothermal energy is another abundant resource the Green Party can get behind, and it too is already showing promise.

“I wonder if Duncan hates solar panels, or just the science?” Hunter muses. “A solar spill requires sunscreen and a hat, but we can’t hide from nuclear waste accidents. »

The radioactive dangers from mining, shipment, energy production, weapons and waste have left a permanent legacy of contamination and death. “After nearly 80 years, there isn’t even safe disposal, yet our Environment Minister wants to expand the uranium industry. This is unacceptable,” Hunter states. “We call on Premier Moe and Environment Minister Duncan to scrap the nuclear secretariat and re-invest in truly clean and sustainable energy NOW!”


For more information, please contact Naomi Hunter at (306) 561-8880 or email

Saskatchewan Premier Needs to Speak Out Against Racist Attacks

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan Green Party (SGP) is demanding Premier Moe speak out forcefully in condemning the racist attack on a 15 year old that happened recently in a public park in Saskatoon.

Leader of the SGP Naomi Hunter states, “I am shocked to hear nothing from the Premier since this horrible racist incident occurred. Dead Silence. Is our Premier only concerned with getting Chinese investment into Saskatchewan but cares not a wit when a Chinese-Canadian teen is attacked in the province?”

The SGP is very concerned that members of the public are getting the wrong message when this and many other racist incidents towards Asians are occurring while our provincial government does nothing to condemn them.

“Our province should not only speak out against these racist attacks but should go further and work with local support groups and national ones (like Act2EndRacism) to rally all citizens To Be Kinder to everyone,” says Naomi Hunter.

In order to properly document these incidents of racism and related intolerance towards people of Asian descent, as well as other People of Colour and Indigenous peoples, the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) has launched an online reporting tool: The tool is part of the “Empowering, Engaging, and Equipping Canadians to Combat Anti-Asian Racism” project funded by Canadian Heritage. Other partners of the project are: Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, and Civic Engagement Network.

Black Lives Matter in Prince Albert Saskatchewan (6-Jun-2020)

The result of the reporting tool will be analysed and released later this year, and will form part of our recommendations for policy change to address the underlying structural and systemic racism in the long run. At the press conference yesterday, CCNC Toronto provided some preliminary data showing 138 reported incidents. Individuals are encouraged to share the reporting tool with their networks.

Voters have their chance to speak out by casting a ballot for a Green Party government on Monday, October 26, 2020.

A Message from Our Leader

Naomi Hunter

To the people of Saskatchewan,

Our province is on the cusp of incredible opportunity. The world is transitioning to a carbon free future and we are well positioned to benefit and prosper. The coming changes may be inevitable, but they do not have to be painful. With the right leader, we can have a fair and just transition. But, without a bold direction that understands the coming changes, our province will fall behind and our people will suffer. We are working tirelessly to avoid that possibility. The Saskatchewan Green Party understands where the changes are going and we are committed to leading our province into a new future with caring and fairness.

In Saskatchewan we pioneered the introduction of single-payer public healthcare. The low cost and administrative efficiencies of public health insurance in combination with the humanity of recognizing the universal need for medicine meant our innovation was adopted across Canada and stands an international beacon to those who believe in the obligation to care for our neighbour. The corporate entities and insurance companies who previously benefited from the misery of illness fought change, and lost. We won. Those same entities have since transitioned to the current profit centres of the healthcare industry: vision, dental, and pharmaceuticals. In the face of corporate opposition to fair public medical coverage for eyeglasses, teeth cleaning, and cancer treatment, we can win again.

Our province was settled by negotiated treaties, but the social understanding that meant a home for everybody and enough food on everybody’s plates has been lost. Our people are suffering from high property values that have brought prosperity for a few and hardship for many. Yet by any indicator from the world’s elite financial institutions we are living in one of the monetarily wealthiest societies to ever grace this planet. Money is like the fertilizer we use on our farms and gardens; if spread around evenly we reap its bounty, but if piled in one place it stinks. We must make our wealth work for all. Full participation in society requires that every person have access to a universal basic income to meet their basic physical needs and to make their best possible contribution to our province. We recognize that everybody contributes in different ways and that we all win by empowering each other; we are dedicated to that vision.

We are the land of living skies. The sun and wind paint a daily tableau that inspires our people that so often work alone in the open air to make a better life for themselves and their families. Our sunny days have made us Canada’s breadbasket; the emergence of solar energy will make us the nation’s powerhouse. A fair transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy means supporting every person who wants to invest in solar power, and it also means supporting the transition for workers and communities whose jobs rely on legacy technology. We have a provincial history of self-reliance; we are hardworking and capable people who can get the job done given the right tools and training. Let’s allow our people to get to work.

Our plan for the province is straightforward and based on fundamental values of justice and sustainability. There is no reason in a prosperous 21st century that our people should have teeth extracted for lack of dental coverage or should have to choose between paying for groceries or rent. The solar industry in the sunniest province should not be laying off workers, it should be expanding to meet our children’s needs. Our province needs bold, decisive leadership to make a fair transition happen. With your help, it will.

Naomi Hunter


Saskatchewan Green Party

Naomi Hunter demands respect for legal election dates

Media Release

March 5, 2020 


REGINA – Naomi Hunter and the Green Party are demanding that Scott Moe respect Saskatchewan’s election date legislation and to commit to holding the next provincial vote as scheduled on October 26.

According to Hunter, “Scott Moe’s use of the corona virus as an excuse for calling an early election is poor governance and poor science. A provincial political campaign will create the precise vectors the Corona virus needs to spread.”

“Instead of politicizing a worrisome disease pandemic, the Premier should focus on tackling climate change and promoting green jobs.”

For more information please contact Naomi Hunter at or via phone at: 306-561-8880