The Weaver


by Dave Greenfield

Back in the early days of the New Green Alliance, as our party was called in the beginning, we published a newsletter called the Weaver. We managed to publish several installments between 1999 and about 2002. Then our publishing seemed to taper off. With the current atmosphere of renewal in our party, I offered to start publishing the Weaver again with myself as editor. We plan to publish four editions per year, around the times of the solstices and equinoxes. I hope that the content of our successive editions will speak to both current GreenParty members and folks in the broader green and progressive movement. I also hope that our content will speak to people’s hearts as well as minds, acknowledging you all as whole beings. I think you will find that this issue has an enjoyable and thought-provoking variety of articles: from Naomi sharing her thoughts as our new leader, to Victor’s piece on the guaranteed livable income, to my historical article on some of the very first GreenParty activities in Saskatchewan in the mid-1980s, to various other pieces that comprise this issue. If you think that this type of content can be improved upon, we certainly welcome articles from both members and supporters for future issues. We also accept letters to the editor which we may publish either in full or in part. Once again, welcome. Have a seat. Make yourself at home!

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