Meet Your Executive Team

Our Leader Naomi Hunter

Naomi Hunter

Naomi Hunter was born in Turtleford, Saskatchewan and grew up in the north. She  runs the family Haskap farm with her father in the summer (also in northern SK, near P.A.). This is a Leader who understands the strong ties that most Saskatchewan people have to their rural roots, even when they live in the city. During the rest of the year, she teaches fitness classes for seniors. Being self-employed most of her adult life, Naomi has strong sympathies for the struggles that small business owners face. She is committed to providing support to help small business owners.

Community involvement is an important part of Naomi’s life and always has been. Here in Regina, she founded the “I Will Help Regina” Facebook group. She started that initiative to help turn people’s fear they were expressing when a large number of Syrian refugees were coming to our country. She feels that if others greet new people with gifts and help, this will foster understanding and break down barriers. People can ask for help in getting clothing, food and furniture, and receive it.

    Our Leader is approachable and responsive. Reach out today. She would love to hear from you. Naomi personally answers all her own messages, emails and phone calls. She is looking forward to representing you moving forward.

President: Barry Dickie (he/him)

Barry Dickie

I have been the President of the Saskatchewan Green Party in the past. I started being active once again last fall before the general election. I did a lot of traveling and collecting signatures to ensure that we ran a full slate of candidates once again.

I am not your typical Green. I am Green because I see the opportunities being created by the green shift in society. The green shift puts Saskatchewan in an amazing situation to once again be the leader for all of Canada to aspire to. Going green will be very rewarding for “all” the citizens of Saskatchewan. I believe that we will grow our party by promoting Green solutions. Made in Saskatchewan Green political solutions are going to be revolutionary.

We have much work to accomplish before the next general election. We were once the party of the future but now we are the party of today. I humbly ask for your vote to be the President of the Saskatchewan Green Party once again.

Deputy Leader: Victor Lau (he/him)

Victor Lau

I am married to Heather, have 3 kids and three dogs (2 daschunds and 1 doberman). I have been a 31 year trade unionist working at Superstore in Regina, SK. Recently retired early to focus on expanding my Consulting Business and doing more politics.

I was an original founder of the Saskatchewan Green Party (SGP) in 1999 (then called the New Green Alliance). I have run several times at the provincial level to be an MLA. I was the SGP Leader when we managed to run back to back full slates of gender paired candidates in 2011 and 2016. I am currently serving as SGP Deputy Leader.

My main interest in Green politics stems from my concern for preserving the environment for future generations and eliminating poverty by implementing a National Guaranteed Livable Income. To that end I am hoping to run for a federal MP seat in the next federal election (possibly Fall 2021).

Vice President: Larry Neufeld (he/him)

Larry Neufeld

Larry has worked in the group and individual insurance industry field for several years, is the former CEO of the Regina-Lewvan Green Party of Canada EDA and the current Vice President of Regina Food for Learning, a charity which helps Regina schools act against food insecurity. In addition to this Larry has been an active volunteer with Amnesty International, the Blue Dot Movement, Bike Regina and with the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

Larry became active with the Saskatchewan Green Party in 2015 and ran as a candidate in the Saskatchewan provincial election for the Saskatchewan Green Party in Regina Lakeview in 2016 and also served as Deputy Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party from 2016 to 2018.

Larry believes the Greens offer positive and meaningful change for Saskatchewan toward creating a more sustainable and equitable province.

In his free time he likes to sing, help fix computers and go cycling.

Treasurer/Official Agent: Nancy Carswell (she/her)

Nancy is committed to environmental stewardship through social justice. She is thrilled when sunshine converts her expensive lawn ornaments into solar panels. The most important two minutes of her activist life were presenting proportional representation to the Electoral Reform Committee.

Over decades, she has developed spreadsheet, database, and word processing skills.

Her new favourite quote is from Green leader candidate Dr. Courtney Howard, “Trust in the ripples, contribute to the wave–every ounce of positive effort that we exert helps give rise to a better day, a needed glint of light, a safer future.”

As well as Saskatchewan Green Party Member at Large, Nancy is also an active member of the Prince Albert Chapter of The Council of Canadians, Fair Vote Canada, and Fair Vote Saskatchewan.

Fundraising Chair: Dave Abbey (he/him)

I am Dave Abbey, a social activist since my high and university days in Ottawa.  Original cause was ending Vietnam war.  Moved to Saskatoon to do post graduate work in political science.  An active member in the NDP until I read Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything and The Carbon Bubble.  Joined the Green Party of Saskatchewan which is now known as the Saskatchewan Green Party.

As I have run a small business for 18 years which involves tracking money, I took on the job of Treasurer/Chief Official Agent in 2014.  In 2016 and 2020 provincial elections, I acted as business managers for several candidates.

I also joined the federal Green Party and currently am Financial Agent for 9 EDAs.  Acted as Official Agent for 5 candidates in 2015, and 10 in 2019.

I decided 7 years is enough to be Treasurer/Chief Official Agent.

My primary action as fundraising chair will be to contact larger donors to solicit donations usually near end when donors become interested in tax receipt.

Organizing Chair: David Walther (he/him)

David Walther

I came to Saskatchewan from B.C. eleven years ago to live my “retirement years” near my adoptive family in Moose Jaw. Although my work has been in mental health and ESL tutoring, I also did mid-level organizing in a string of NDP election campaigns in the 1980s. The successful — fully environmental — Point Grey byelection campaign in 1989 was a revelation to me, and I joined a “Green caucus” (not very successful) at NDP convention. I experienced the tension between tree choppers and tree huggers.

Not long after moving to Saskatchewan, I joined the provincial and federal Green parties, worked on campaigns, and signed up members. I joined the SGP executive in 2014. I am really excited about my Organizer role. It’s because now, with growing awareness about climate change, an expanded SGP membership, a totally dedicated, influential leadership, and three years to build the party organization ahead of the 2024 election, the path to the Legislature is opening up.

I hope you will be ready to share your ideas and socialize a bit as we grow stronger, constituency by constituency.

Youth Representative North: Gillian Walker (they/them)

Gillian serves our executive as Northern Youth Representative from Saskatoon. They work as a high school science and math teacher with a background in mechanical engineering.  They are a cycling enthusiast and began their quest for increased sustainable living in 2008. They worked in the fields of synchrotron science and solar energy before becoming an educator.

Gillian advocates for the human rights of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals, most recently targeting gender-based discrimination in health care.

In 2019 Gillian ran for federal office with the Green Party of Canada and more recently provincial office for the Saskatchewan Green Party in 2020. They believe the job of elected officials is to de-mystify government and share decision making opportunities with constituents. 

When it comes to their career, Gillian believes that preparing young people for the world is not enough. For them, being a great educator is preparing and preserving the world for future generations.

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