Meet Your Executive Team

Our Leader

Naomi Hunter

Naomi Hunter was born in Turtleford, Saskatchewan and grew up in the north. She  runs the family Haskap farm with her father in the summer (also in northern SK, near P.A.). This is a Leader who understands the strong ties that most Saskatchewan people have to their rural roots, even when they live in the city. During the rest of the year, she teaches fitness classes for seniors. Being self-employed most of her adult life, Naomi has strong sympathies for the struggles that small business owners face. She is committed to providing support to help small business owners.

Community involvement is an important part of Naomi’s life and always has been. Here in Regina, she founded the “I Will Help Regina” Facebook group. She started that initiative to help turn people’s fear they were expressing when a large number of Syrian refugees were coming to our country. She feels that if others greet new people with gifts and help, this will foster understanding and break down barriers. People can ask for help in getting clothing, food and furniture, and receive it.

    Our Leader is approachable and responsive. Reach out today. She would love to hear from you. Naomi personally answers all her own messages, emails and phone calls. She is looking forward to representing you moving forward.

Deputy Leader

Richard Jack

 Born in Ontario, I grew up in the USA. My name is Richard Jack, Interim Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. I worked for the Saskatchewan government for 37 years in the Department of Health, in IT and clerical positions. I was a lay chaplain at the Unitarian Fellowship of Regina for 20 years and have held virtually every Board position in my Church. I am one of the four founders of the Regina Multi-Faith Forum. I have had a lifetime of community and political activity.
  I became interim Saskatchewan Green Leader after the fall federal election. Previously I have been Deputy Leader for the last couple of years.I was proud to support Elizabeth May in the fall election. Inspite of many challenges the Green Party received around a million votes. Since then, major changes have occurred with leadership races nationally and in several provinces. The membership and growth of Green Party’s is continuing. The issues that the Green Party is emphasizing are on all Canadian minds. We demand a modernized electoral system that allows for fairer representation and the deemphasis on money in politics, together we will build a better society.  Saskatchewan faces unprecedented challenges as we move forward. The commitments of 10 million provincial dollars and 250 million dollars federally to transition away from coal and fossil fuels is totally inadequate. To leave the 25% of Saskatchewan people and 50% of Albertans to transition without adequate support is mind blowing.  Saskatchewan has spent several billion to extend the life of the coal industry by CCS when the whole world is ending coal production. Carbon Capture technology is a useful vehicle to reduce pollution but should be used in the interim with natural gas, and in the long term with biofuel, and industries like cement, steel, and fertilizers.  Our tax system should punish polluters and reward environmentally friendly projects. We have left over four thousand abandoned oil and gas wells in this province. Some may be repurposed for geothermal but the taxpayers are left to clean up the rest. Worse, we have the billion dollar cleanup of the uranium tailings up at Uranium City. The Saskatchewan Green Party is opposed to the proposed SMR nuclear reactor program on economic, environmental, and moral grounds. We could have a full discussion alone on this issue but I leave it to distinguished experts like Dr Jim Harding to do that.  Saskatchewan will face many challenges in the future but by working with many progressive groups we will meet those challenges.


Delanie J Passer

   Born in B.C., Delanie grew up in a widowed, single parent household , whose only income was from social assistance. His mother would remarry, and he would spend his later teenage years helping out on the family farm in Saskatchewan. During his 20’s he would trial various jobs, before spending the last 14yrs with Saskatchewan’s Crown corp SaskTel. He is always looking to grow as an individual, and recently earned a Global Leadership certificate in Brussels, Belgium. He has been, involved, in many lectures and discussions that were directed by world leading policymakers and diplomats, as well as top NATO officials and leading academic experts.

Delanie, is proud of his Indigenous roots and recently earned an 2 year Indigenous Governance and Politics Certificate at the U of S. He is also pursuing a Global Studies Certificate in International Studies to compliment his B.A in Politics. Locally, he has held titles on boards with SAEN (SaskTel Aboriginal Employees Network), Diversity and Inclusion Initiative(SaskTel), Poverty Reduction Program (City of Saskatoon) and City of Saskatoon Santa Clause Parade just to name a few. Having experienced, life through the classes, he understands firsthand, the issues facing lower and middle classes. He understands the challenges that come with being Indigenous and participates frequently in cultural ceremonies. He has vowed to be the voice for change.

Vice President

Judy Mergel

Judy,a member of the Saskatchewan Green Party’s “Old Fogeys club,currently serves as vice-president on the executive.Manitoba born and raised,she has lived in five different provinces,working primarily as a recreation therapist. Now retired from twenty years of cattle ranching/organic farming,she resides on a Wood Mountain acreage with her menagerie of animals. Previously a Greens’ candidate for Wood River in the last provincial election and for Souris Moose Mountain in the recent federal election,she is proud to be involved in a visionary political party. Dream BIG,go Greens!


Ryan Koltalo


Dave Abbey

Dave Abbey has been active in various social justice efforts ever since his teenage years.  Growing up in eastern Ontario he moved to Saskatoon to get a Master of Arts in Political Science.  He then worked for 29 years for the provincial government in Regina.  After retiring in 2001 he returned to eastern Ontario in 2002, and returned to Regina in 2010.  Both those moves were for personal reasons as was his relocation to Saskatoon in 2013.
He has also run a small business since early 2004.
After reading two books on global warming,  Dave joined what was then called the Green Party of Saskatchewan in early 2014.  Since the summer of 2014 he has served as Treasurer and Chief Official Agent.

Organizing Chair

Neil Sinclair

Was involved in creation of the Saskatchewan Green Party , known as the New Green Alliance in 1999. Was its first leader in its first general election in 1999 where the party had its best popular vote in the riding it ran in to date.
Involved in a number of environmental issues but concentrating on nuclear and climate.

Fundraising Chair

Billy Patterson

Greetings. I am a tree planter and educator living in treaty 4 and the moist-mixed grasslands Eco-region.I have a dream of living with my family in a sustainable community and culture based on innovative and traditional local ecological knowledge and a respect for the sustainable limits of the ecosystems we co-inhabit. Underlying this should be a respect for the elders and indigenous wisdom of Canada’s occupied territories. My current and future work with the Green Party of Saskatchewan reflects these aspirations in a modern political dimension. 

Members At Large

Dave Walther

David Walther has been an active organizer and member within the Saskatchewan Green Party executive since 2014.

Evangeline Gordon

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