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Green Party of Saskatchewan

Sunday June 12, 2016

2016 Annual General Meeting

Bonser Ballot

Executive Elections

Party Leader

o Victor Lau

o None of the Above

Deputy Party Leader

o Larry Neufeld

o Shawn Seyto

o None of the Above

Party Vice President

o Evangeline Godron

o None of the Above

Treasurer and Chief Official Agent

o David Abbey

o None of the Above


o Sara Piotrofsky

o None of the Above

Organizing Chairperson

o David Walther

o None of the Above


Submitted by David Abbey

Whereas all of us recognize the need to reduce carbon emissions if we are going to restrict the impacts of global warming; and

Whereas there continues to be some controversy over the most effective ways to realize this goal;


1) This Annual General Meeting the provincial executive to arrange for full-fledged policy review on our views on carbon emission reduction.

2) This review to consist of consultation of all interested parties in the province including individuals and groups both within and outside our party.

3) A report to be presented to the 2017 AGM outlining a proposed Green Party of Saskatchewan policy on the issue together with enabling resolutions to implement any policy changes.

o Yes

o No

Submitted by Victor Lau

Whereas the Saskatchewan Green Party stands separate from the federal Green Party,

Whereas the Saskatchewan Green Party chose to use the red lion who also adorns the Saskatchewan flag,

Whereas the Red Lion logo used during the past provincial election (April 4, 2016) proved well supported and popular,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Saskatchewan Green Party adopt the new logo as the permanent logo for the GPS/SGP,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Saskatchewan Green Party utilize the logo wherever possible to raise awareness of our provincial party.

o Yes

o No

Saskatchewan Green Party Government will eliminate the province’s debt in seven years

Saturday April 2, 2016

Regina, Saskatchewan – A Saskatchewan Green Party Government would roll out a plan within its first 100 days in power to eliminate the province’s $13.3-billion debt in seven years. In the current 2015-2016 fiscal year, the provinces’ debt grew by $1.4-billion, which is almost the same amount that was spent to build the Carbon Capture Boondoggle near Estevan. Party Leader Victor Lau says if it wasn’t for foolish spending like the Carbon Capture misadventure, Saskatchewan’s overall debt could be much lower by now. “Saskatchewan people are headed for fiscal trouble if we continue to waste our precious resources on failed ideas like Carbon Capture,” says Lau. “Therefore the time has come for a serious debt elimination program in Saskatchewan.”

The first part of the debt elimination plan is to hold the line on government spending past 2016 at $14.4-billion., so that any increase in government revenue can be devoted to eliminating the debt. The second part is the participatory democracy action plan, where government and Crown Co-operative employees and the general public will get to make recommendations on where best to cut government spending. “Our government won’t cut government spending without consulting Saskatchewan people first,” says Lau. “No action will be taken to reduce spending unless it has the strong support of the people of this province.” Real Change is coming to Saskatchewan in the provincial election on April 4, 2016.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Saskatchewan Green Party Government will balance the budget first year in power

Friday April 1, 2016

Regina, Saskatchewan – It is high time to end deficit budgeting in the Saskatchewan Government and opt for Real Change instead. The Saskatchewan Green Party is strongly committed to balance the provincial budget during its first year in power. Party Leader Victor Lau says the people of Saskatchewan are tired of seeing their futures mortgaged because successive NDP and conservative governments can’t get public spending under control. “Every bit of deficit financing is future taxation,” says Lau. “And it’s future taxation that won’t be used to end poverty or help create an economic climate for entrepreneurship.” Lau says the SaskGreens will bring public spending under control through the Participatory Democracy process. Under Participatory Democracy, the people of Saskatchewan will tell MLAs how to bring public spending under control using letters, social media, email, telephone calls, or town hall meetings, after the government lays out the facts and provides people with different budget options. There will be no Real Change in Saskatchewan until public spending is brought under control.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.